Thursday, December 31, 2009


Saw "Avatar" yesterday. I'd been planning not to, because I surmised that the story was pretty terrible (boring, unimaginative dialogue and plotline that's a patronizing fantasy of white guilt), even if the graphics would be so amazing as to change the industry. I decided to see it after seeing it compared to "Dune meets Fern Gully": too weird to miss. It was fun, but the movie started to lose me somewhere in the inexplicably flying mountains, or when Na'vi begin having hair sex with animals.

Thinking on it further, it seems like one of the main reasons the Na'vi couldn't mount an effective response without Jake Sully's help is that our hero, who had primary responsibility to negotiate their relocation from the Home Tree, failed to even inform the Na'vi of the Sky People's goals in negotiation until armed gunships were poised to launch a surprise attack. Sully's failure to even begin pursuit of a diplomatic solution is what left the Na'vi so utterly unprepared. Although one might imagine that sniping the human soldiers with poisonous arrows might have been a more effective plan than a cavalry charge into machine gun fire.

Before I saw the movie, though, I had been thinking that the movie would be a flop, and the idea that Na'vi would be a new Klingon was badly overambitious. Now, though, I have a fear that it will be taken up in earnest...but by furries and creepily hot catgirls.

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