Thursday, October 7, 2010

More metro council race

I summed up some of the backstory of this race a few weeks ago, but it was interesting to see the yard signs at the St. James Art Fair last weekend. The show is one of the largest events in Old Louisville, and has some interesting work; we spent the afternoon making and selling sandwiches for a neighborhood association fundraiser.

In the weeks leading up to the event, it seemed like Ken Herndon was the only candidate with any actual campaign. Not only have there been plenty of yard signs from his previous campaign with a "Write In" sticker, but he's printed new yard signs for the write-in campaign. Judging from yard signs, Herndon's campaign is clearly the most prominent in the neighborhood, drawing far more support than the Conway-Paul senatorial race, the Lally-Yarmuth congressional race, or the Fischer-Green-Heiner mayoral race. By contrast, it hardly seems like Deonte Hollowell or David James have a campaign at all.

The James campaign got a couple of large yard signs up around the time of the show, but I've hardly seen any Hollowell signs (just promotional paper fans). At least Hollowell has been ruled a valid candidate for the race, although there have been reports of marijuana possession at a 2009 speeding arrest.

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