Friday, April 24, 2009

Felix Salmon boils a hog's head

Bicycle is the only proper way to transport a flayed pig's noggin, I'd reckon, on a bridge over the East River.

Pig's head ( dug a fork into Sally and started ripping through her head, collecting as much meaty-meat as possible. There was a lot of fat, about half the mass was fatty. We saved some of that and threw it back in. The eyeballs, teeth, and some of the snout stayed put. Anything else got tossed into the beans with reserved liquor, radishes, carrots, ramps and watercress for a light "wilting".

...Without a doubt (and there were some doubts in the beginning) it was probably in the top 3 best dishes we've ever made.

I must try this, but first I have to convince someone to let me toss a couple of trotters in the slow cooker.

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