Monday, June 15, 2009

The Jub-Jub has landed

Last Friday, I picked up the bike I won on Bike-to-Work Day, and today I made my first ride to work.

It's an entry-level commuter bike, but it's a smooth, nice ride. I have two other bikes: a full-size Dahon folder than is in terrible, wobbly shape from the many thousands of miles I have put on it over the last few years, and the Esquilax, an old steel 10-speed I pulled out of a dumpster and repaired to basic rideability, but have never gotten to good shape. At present, the rims are bent and warped, the wheels have numerous broken spokes, and the ball bearing retainer inside the bottom bracket is broken and grinding itself apart (still far better condition that I got it in!).

An Esquilax, of course, is the famous mythical creature that has the body of a rabbit...and the head of a rabbit. This new bike I have dubbed the Jub-Jub (a bird?), tho it is clearly un-fruminous.

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