Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zoology of the Dying Earth

Jack Vance's Dying Earth series is populated by all manner of strange creatures, from the wee Twk-Men to the flying, carnivorous pelgranes. In chapter 5 of Eyes of the Overworld, while Cugel is travelling with the pilgrims, Cugel learns of Mad King Kutt of a past eon, who assembled a menagerie attested in the casebook of the wizard Follinense. From the little left of his notes, it is learned that...

Gid: hybrid of man, gargoyle, whorl, leaping insect
Deodand: wolverine, basilisk, man
Erb: bear, man, land-lizard, demon
Grue: man, ocular bat, the unusual hoon
Leucomorph: unkown
Bazil: man, felinodore, (wasp?).

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